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Our Electricians are one of the most qualified Level 2 Service Providers in Sydney, you can rest assure and feel welcome with us , we pride our pride ourselves on reliability , promptness , value & performance. Our Managing Director Simon, has been in the Level 2 ASP electrical trade for over 20 years (hands on experience).

We take on any Level 2 Electrical job from commercial to residential & Industrial no job is too small! If its only a bracket thats loose or Rusty we will service you and or your business with all its needs, So don’t be reluctant just call the office and explain your situation on 0449 843 693.

Accredited Level 2 Service Provider

When your told that you require an Accredited level 2 Service Provider it can mean multiple things.

There are many types of Level 2 services people also mix up the term Accredited Level 2 Service Provider with things like:

Level 2 Electrician or Level 2 ASP or even just ASP but in reality they all mean the same thing.

If youve had a power line come down or youve been disconnected by your network Provider we can ensure you a fast response.

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